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Building a company image is the most important task not only for companies which enter the market. After making an analysis of the base state, a strategy, tactics and mechanics need to be worked out (tools, calendar, and ideas that are forged into a concrete action plan) which are then addressed to specific target groups. The right selection of the media is the key to success.


This is especially important when launching a product on the PR market. Product PR is more credible than advertising. Activities of this type have been observed since the 90's and they are summed up by Al Ries and Laura Ries in a book called "The fall of advertising and the rise of public relations". This strategy allows achieving visible results with much smaller budgets.


It has long been known that the media loves "David vs. Goliath" style rivalry as it attracts and electrifies journalists. This strategy is one of the five most effective factors that attract attention of the media. Attracting the media is one of the most important goals of public relations.

Contact our company and we will show you how we did it and still do.


Many people think that building relations with the media is the essence of public relations activities. In our case, good relations with the media and journalists in the area of food and beverages are of particular importance. Our company has the advantage of a long-lasting contact with leading journalists and publishers who write about food and beverages, constant presence in the media and frequent invitations to comment on different events as experts. We are also successful in building images of companies and products in global portals and trade press.


Proper preparation of press releases is one of the most important issues when dealing with public relations. We work on adequate press releases containing basic canons with a hint of curiosity which will keep editorial offices interested. We know how to do it WELL as we are authors of many press releases on major beverage websites in the world.