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Our company specializes in the FMCG industry with particular emphasis on functional beverages. These are isotonic drinks, energy drinks, nutraceuticals, and functional water. We offer our services in developing a new product all the way from an idea, NPD with R&D, to launching it on the market in connection with classical PR and online marketing.

We have many years' experience in strategy planning for both large corporations and small companies which struggle making their way through to the top.


Extensive experience in implementation of many NPD projects onto new beverages allows us supporting our clients when establishing proper co-operation relations with suppliers of flavours and ingredients.

Good knowledge of such companies, their position on the global market of flavours and potential allows us to suggest an appropriate strategy of conduct to maximize the potential of flavour and ingredient suppliers.


Branding is a process of creating a given brand, its recognisability and a desired image. Depending on needs, it can be implemented based on a simple plan or a detailed strategy. A name and a logo are key elements which together are the essence of a strategy. They become embedded in clients' memory by being present in all other marketing announcements and press releases.

If you want to put emphasis on cost effectiveness, simplicity and measurability of effects, focus on brand promotion on the Internet. Traditional forms of advertising should only supplement your main online campaign. Developing a project label which would be in conformity with the product's positioning services (SEO) is of key importance. Both producers and networks (discount stores) for which we worked will agree on that.


Suppliers of flavours or other ingredients, in a word, a company that work out a recipe for a functional beverage should receive a set of necessary information including characteristics of a products, its positioning and other data resulting from a developed marketing strategy. Developing a professional brief, which is a standard in the western world, will allow choosing an appropriate supplier and assessing cost-effectiveness - both are definitely the most important components.


Peter Wennstrom, światowy guru żywności funkcjonalnej, określił zasady którymi powinni się kierować producenci produktów funkcjonalnych. Dla wielu naszych klientów określiliśmy parametry produktów według 4 czynników sukcesu Petera Wennstroma, który jest autorem setek sukcesów firm na całym świecie.

Uchylimy rąbka tajemnicy, jednak zanim to, musimy dodać, iż ich zrozumienie pomaga wyeliminować błędy już we wstępnej fazie projektu i zwiększa szanse na sukces rynkowy.


Research and development (R&D) - In industry, these two processes are interrelated. As a result of both of them and through technological innovations used, new products or new figures of such products are developed.

New Product Development is an essential elements in the process of developing new products.