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We support our clients in choosing appropriate channels and means of communication appropriate to achieve their marketing objectives. We know that every penny in your marketing budget counts, this is why we offer custom-made solutions. Years spent on media planning and relations that we have built allow us to offer competitive prices across all online media.

Our experience allows us to make a campaign a coherent whole, combining:
- Search Engine Marketing
- E-mail marketing
- Buzz Marketing
- Banner Campaigns
- e-PR
- Social Media


We have been dealing with Buzz marketing (also known as Whispered Marketing or Word of Mouth Marketing) for around five years. Within this period, we have completed dozens of campaigns and satisfied hundreds of clients.

A great advantage of buzz marketing is a wider range of content than in traditional forms of communication. Thanks to this, we are able to fulfil all marketing objectives of our clients, both sales-oriented and those aimed at building awareness of a given brand or a single product.


To achieve objectives, we offer as follows:
- Research onto brand and product perception by web users
- Internet Amplifying
- Monitoring and moderation of online forums
- Establishing relations with the blogosphere as a whole and individual bloggers
- Social Marketing
- Buzz marketing campaigns
- Use of Opinion Leaders

We always make sure that the selection of channels is well made to meet the needs of our clients. Moreover, using top-monitoring tools we are able to provide our customers with real-time details on campaign progress guaranteeing a restful night's sleep.


"Changes happening in the daily lives of consumers and their habits affect changes in all forms of brand-consumers communication - including online advertising. E-mail marketing, which is evolving, is still very effective".

~ New Marketing

We support the aforementioned statement. E-mail marketing is still effective, only its criteria are even more restrictive which is profitable for our Clients. Our team has been making dedicated e-mail marketing campaigns based on the highest quality standards and... the most updated knowledge for more than five years.


Our Clients are offered a fully professional campaign covering every aspect, custom made to a client's expectations. We will take care of the whole of the technical, factual and graphic parts :-). Our activities and effects will be fully documented in a form of a report which we will deliver immediately after the campaign is over.


SEO in is our daily bread. We are proud of our extensive experience in foreign equivalents as well:, or

SEO allows gaining extremely valuable traffic. This form of promotion reaches only users who are interested in the subject. They had previously entered a query for a specific keyword phrase. This is how we know that in this case, conversion is the most important element.


For our Clients, we offer as follows:

- Analysis of their competition,

- Analysis of popularity of phrases,

- Audit, service optimization and page linking.

- ... The aforementioned is backed up with position monitoring and on-the-site traffic.

We insist, however. Do not take our word for granted. Check our possibilities in practice.


There are many examples of online social media activities. Way too many. There are also many companies that claim to specialize in the mentioned fields. Funny memes on companies' profiles that lead to...absolutely nothing. What is there to say - we deeply regret that...whatever.

A tangible proof of our competence is the fact that there are employees among our team who had started their work with the Social Media sector long before Facebook was launched in Poland;)


Our clients who have trusted us for many years already know that our professional approach guarantees:

1. Realistic goals and effects.

2. Long-term strategies of presence in the Social Media forming a coherent whole with other marketing activities to implement pre-established assumptions.

3. We STRONGLY believe that the world does not end on Facebook (supported by many statistics) and depending on a given brand, much more efficient and effective channels can be chosen.

4. Factual support at every level and stage of communication in the Social Media.


There is always one higher goal: Engaging our clients into relations with the brand and preparing the brand to be a Client's companion in a shared way. We establish long-lasting relations, threads of understanding that are universal for both the classical and online strategies - no divisions.

We believe that trust and honesty are the foundations of success.


We will shape and colour your and our ideas. This is one of the most inspiring areas of marketing. How to put everything that is in our heads into paper? How to make it interesting for a Client?

We know how to change those sparks of ideas into real forms and shapes. For you.